Dr. Julian Timpner


The code is now available on GitHub!

ArteryLTE is a holistic IVC simulation framework capable of simulating different communication technologies, namely the ETSI ITS-G5 and the cellular LTE protocol stacks. It thus allows for the analysis of different communication strategies based on heterogeneous vehicular networks.

It combines Artery and VeinsLTE. Artery’s middleware is extended by the option of choosing either the ITS-G5 or the LTE stack for communication. Upon message generation, the Artery services provide information to the middleware in order to choose the appropriate communication technology. A backend service is implemented as a static network node connected to the base stations (eNodeBs) of the LTE network.

Architecture of the ArteryLTE simulation environment.

Architecture of the ArteryLTE simulation environment.


ArteryLTE has been developed as part of a research project at the Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks (IBR) at Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig. It was released with a corresponding paper [1] describing the detailed architecture as well as simulation results. The ArteryLTE code is available on Github.

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